Copying and Sending Your DataConvert ACT! to Salesforce, Zoho, or CSV/Excel Files

How do I make a copy of my ACT! database to send to you?
Making a copy is easy. CLICK HERE for details.

My database is too big to email. How do I send it to you?
We use Send This File to transfer files. You can CLICK HERE for instructions or click the send file option at the top right of every page on this website.

Free Test Conversions

What’s included in the Free Test Conversion?
The Free Test Conversion includes 200 Contacts (along with their Associated Accounts) plus their Activities, History and Notes. Secondary Contacts, Opportunities, Attachments, and Products are not included in the Free Test Conversion. For full details, CLICK HERE.

Will the 200 Contacts in the Free Test Conversion include only 200 Activities, History and Notes?
All of the Activities, History, and Notes for each Contact exported will be included. If a contact in the trial set has 10,000 Note records, then 10,000 Note records will be exported.

If a Company (Account) with multiple Contact records is included in the Free Test Conversion, can I expect that all the Contacts in that company will be included?
Probably not. We randomly choose 200 contacts from your database and we don’t ensure that all the Contacts for a given Account are included.

Can I choose the specific 200 Contact records in the Free Test Conversion?
No. The contacts are selected randomly by our programs. However, we can apply a date filter if you wish so that only recent Contact records will be included.

General Conversion Issues

How long will my conversion take?
Typically on our side, the Free Test Conversion is completed within a day of receiving your data files and access to your Salesforce® or Zoho account. Once you’ve decided to move forward with the full conversion, in most cases it will be completed within a day of our receipt of your final data file and payment.

We cannot afford any downtime of our data. Can my conversion be done over a weekend?
Absolutely. We understand that your business needs to be up and running during your business day so we regularly do conversions over a night or weekend.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If you wish to pay by check, that is possible, but your full conversion will be delayed until we receive your check and it clears. We don’t accept purchase orders.

Salesforce Conversion Issues

My Notes aren’t in the Notes section. Where are they?
We import Notes into the Salesforce® Task object. You can find them in the Activity History section.

Why do you bring in Notes as Activity History?
Unfortunately the functionality of the Salesforce® Notes object is very limited. We cannot add custom fields to it nor can we directly access the Create Date field for the Note. Therefore, there is no way to include either the date or the author of the Note. A vast majority of our customers find this unacceptable, so we bring in Notes as Tasks where these limitations do not apply.

I don’t see my open Activities on the Calendar. Where are they?
Salesforce® has two types of Activities, Tasks and Events. Tasks include a date but not a time. Events include both a date and time. For a variety of reasons, we bring in Activities as Salesforce® Tasks by default. Salesforce® will only include Events (timed activities) on its Calendar. Open Tasks are shown on the Salesforce To Do list. However, you can easily set up a Report or Dashboard to be displayed on your Salesforce® home page including upcoming Tasks. If you wish, we can bring your open timed ACT! Activities as Salesforce® Events for an additional charge.

Why is there an additional charge to bring in Events as Events rather than Tasks?
Primarily because creating Events for Salesforce® requires considerable additional work, and most of our customers prefer the option of bringing in their information at the lowest cost possible.

Where are my recurring Tasks?
Most of our clients have few if any Activities set up to recur in ACT! Because of the considerable additional work required to create recurring Activities, in Salesforce® and because we are unable to identify and correctly import certain kinds of recurrences, we have designed this as an optional service. However we always identify recurring tasks, display their recurrence frequency, and show you the date of the first recurrence.

ACT! Groups aren’t directly supported in Salesforce®. How can I see my ACT! groups in Salesforce®?
That's correct, Salesforce® does not support ACT! Groups. (Salesforce® has something called Groups, but it refers to groups of Users, not groups of Contacts.) So that you can see your ACT! Groups in Salesforce®, we create a special custom field called “Group Membership.” This is a multi-select picklist field where there is one picklist option for each of your ACT! Groups. To use this information you can create a Salesforce® View on your Contacts for each of your Groups using the Group Membership field, the “contains” operator, and the exact name of your ACT! Group. If you don’t know how to do this, we will be glad to walk you through the process.

In the field list you sent me, I can’t find basic things like Address and Phone Number. Why?
The list only includes custom fields we must create for you in Salesforce®. It intentionally excludes any standard Salesforce® files.

Can you handle Canadian and European date formats (DD/MM/YYYY)?
Definitely. Please mention that you need your dates in DDMMYYYY format when you send us your data.