Moving from ACT! to Salesforce®

Salesforce® and ACT! are very different products.

While they address much of the same functionality, they work differently and have some fundamental differences in conception, organization, and use.

In our experience, the users who have made the most successful transition from ACT! to Salesforce® have been those who did not try to emulate ACT! in Salesforce®, but used Salesforce® the way it was designed to be used.

One of the best ways, in our opinion, to do this is to buy a copy of for Dummies.


How to Use This Book

Once you’ve bought for Dummies, we recommend that you read it once cover-to-cover.

We suggest this because, as noted, Salesforce® works very differently from ACT! You will be better served if you start thinking about Salesforce® as designed from the start.

More importantly, Salesforce® contains significant functionality that is not intuitively evident from the user interface. Without an external source of information, you might never discover this functionality and how it might benefit you and your business.

Once you’ve read it once, cover-to-cover, it will serve as an excellent support resource for basic “how to” questions. We believe it’s much easier to use than Salesforce®’s online help (although for more esoteric information, you’ll need the online help).