Using SendThisFile®

Most Internet Service Providers put a fixed limit of between 2 to 4 MB for files sent attached to email. Most ACT! database files are larger than this limit.

We use SendThisFile® which allows us to send and receive very large files. When you send the file it will be transferred to secure servers at SendThisFile®. We download your file and then delete it from the SendThisFile® server.

If you need instructions for creating a copy of your ACT! database, CLICK HERE.

If you have problems transmitting your file, CLICK HERE.

If your file is larger than 2 GB, we suggest you split it. Here is a link to a handy utility that will break your file into manageable segments:

How to Send Us Your File

Using the form below, first enter the email address where we can contact you and where you want the converted file sent.

In the next section, please enter the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Salesforce® login and password
  • Your Salesforce® Edition (e.g., Group, Professional or Enterprise)
  • The Migration Type (if not a Salesforce® migration)

For each file you’re sending us, click the Browse button and find the file you’re sending.

Finally, click the SendThisFile button and your file will be sent. Uploading files can be slow!    Please be patient.

Send Your File

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