Moving data from one® account to another should be simple, but it isn't. We offer a service that can make importing your data from one Salesforce account to another as simple for you as setting up a new Salesforce instance. We can migrate all your existing data or a subset, defined by you. We can either migrate into a new, "clean" Salesforce instance or into one that has existing data. We can do duplicate checking or other data modification and cleaning, depending on your requirements.

What Is Migrated

Notes (imported either as Notes or Tasks)
Leads (additional charge)
Opportunities (additional charge)
Opportunity Contact Roles (additional charge)
Products (additional charge)
Price Books (additional charge)
Price Book Entries (additional charge)
Opportunity Product (additional charge)
Cases (additional charge)
Case Contact Roles (additional charge)
Solutions (additional charge)
Case Solutions (additional charge)
Attachments (additional charge)
Documents (additional charge)
Folders (additional charge)
Custom Objects (additional charge)
Custom Fields (additional charge for over 25)
Reports (additional charge)

What Is NOT Migrated

User Roles
Email Services
Field Permissions
Record Types
Custom Layouts
Other Metadata and customization
Loading of 3rd-party tools

Migration Process

Initial Steps
We will first take a backup dump of the data in your old® account. We'll download this data and identify which® objects are populated along with what links to other objects each object contains. We'll use this information to create a Cost Quote and a Migration Plan for your data. The Migration Plan will identify the order in which each object must be loaded into the new account to maintain all the correct links between objects. In your new® account, you must first create Users and their roles. Initially, you will need to assign new logns for each user (since the same login cannot be duplicated in a different account), but your original login IDs will be reassigned at the end of the process. You should then load any 3rd-party tools which you were using in the old account and wish to continue using in the new.

We'll then create a cross-reference between the old and new internal UserID values. We will use this cross-reference file to update the User ID values in every object that is to be loaded

We will then create all additional custom fields and any custom objects not generated by 3rd party products needed by your data. You must then modify your data layouts. At this time you must also create the different Record Types you had for each object. These Record Types must match the Record Types in your old account. We'll use this information to create a Record Type cross-reference and will apply it to all objects.

Data Loading
Using the Migration Plan and the® Apex Data Loader, we will load each populated® object into the new account. As each object is loaded we will create a cross-reference between that object's ID fields in the old Account and the new account. We'll use that cross-reference to update every other object that contains a reference to the object just loaded.

Please be aware that there is NO free test conversion for Salesforce to Salesforce migrations.


Basic Conversion
$1000 Contacts, Accounts, Notes, Tasks, Events, (with up to 50,000 records in each object) including the creation of up to 25 Custom Fields.
Optional Charges
$200Each Additional Object Migrated (except Reports)
$400Migrating Reports
$100Each 50,000 of any object (except Attachments) after initial 50,000
$100Each 2,500 Attachments
$100Each 25 Custom Fields (created and migrated) after initial 25
$500Filtering imported data to bring in only a subset of Contacts and/or Accounts (and all child tables)
  $50Each Field requiring simple recoding of values
$150Each Field requiring complex recoding of values (requiring formulas or coding)
$300Setting up and executing straightforward Duplicate checking of either Contacts or Accounts.
$500Setting up and executing straightforward Duplicate checking of both Contacts and Accounts