Salesforce® has vast functionality and can be customized to model and run virtually any business organization. However, the scope of the Salesforce® capabilities can make it difficult for a new Salesforce® administrator even to understand the range of what is possible much less figure out how to implement what is needed and appropriate for her or his organization.

To help with this problem, ACL Conversion offers Salesforce® customization services, either in conjunction with a migration or independently. We can guide you in choosing how best to set up Salesforce® and customize it to meet your own business requirements. And we can implement the specific Salesforce® features and functionality that meet your needs. An initial phone consultation of up to two hours is only $100. If, after that consultation, you wish to proceed with customization services, we will prepare a custom quote for the specific services you want to implement.

If you wish, we can walk you through the process for any customization we perform so that you learn how to modify your environment as your needs change.

Salesforce® customization services can include the following*:

Salesforce® Customization Services

  • Create custom fields (including formulas and validation)
  • Create Roll-Up Summary Fields
  • Create Custom Page Layouts
  • Implement object Record Types for different types of users
  • Setup and customize Views to select object records
  • Customize various search layout fields and functionality
  • Create custom objects and tabs
  • Create custom relationships between standard and/or custom objects including Lookups, Master-Detail Relationships, Self-Relationships, and Many-to-Many Relationships
  • Duplicate Management
  • Dependent Picklist Implementation
  • Salesforce1 Mobile Setup and Customization including the following:
       Compact Layouts
       Custom Layout Design to optimize mobile access
       Action Menu Customization
       Custom Action Items
       Offline Access
  • Salesforce® security setup including the following:
       Network Access Rules
       Login Hours
       Login IP Ranges
       Password Rules
       Profiles (standard and custom)
       Roles and Role Hierarchies
       Organization Wide Defaults (OWD)
       Object CRUD Permissions (Create/Read/Update/Delete)
       Sharing Rules
       Permission Sets
       Field-Level Security
  • Outlook Integration
  • Mass Email and Campaign Setup
  • Process Automation
       Visual Workflow
       Process Builder

* Please note that some of the above functionality depends on which Salesforce® Edition you are using.